Full-stack development on a job portal for students and young professionals
Preview of the website on different devices.

about the project

jobvalley is a personnel service provider specialising in the placement of students and young professionals.

I was hired by Studitemps GmbH as freelance full-stack developer to help realising the relaunch of their corporate website in 2021 and convert the existing WordPress site to a fast loading headless solution using modern technologies such as Contentful, Next.js and Tailwind. Working closely with the Marketing and UX/UI departments, we formed a great team to get the project started. With a tight schedule in mind, we managed to create the first version within a few weeks and improve the project in the following months.

In addition to static content pages, the website also aggregates job postings from various internal tools, which are collected in a MongoDB database and made available on the website via the MongoDB Data API. Furthermore, various endpoints are provided to make jobs also available on external job platforms such as Xing or Indeed.

Later after a big renaming the new brand „jobvalley“ was born, which required a redesign of the website and the new domain name

The company grew and wanted to offer its services to English-speaking students and businesses as well, so we expanded the project into a multilingual website that supports German and English.

To this day, I work on this project part-time to continuously improve the website and implement new features.


  • technical implementation of the website

  • front-end and back-end development as well as dev-ops tasks

  • technical consulting and close collaboration with the UX/UI and marketing departments

  • integrating a job search service on the website with data from external services

  • connecting jobs listed on the website to external job platforms, such as Xing and Indeed

  • integrating 3rd party tools for marketing purposes

  • website monitoring, testing and quality assurance

tech stack

  • React, Next.js

  • Contentful

  • TailwindCSS

  • Storybook

  • Javascript, Node.js

  • MongoDB

  • GraphQL