Development of an open source library to handle 2d grid data structures

Preview of the website

In 2018, I was very interested in pursuing a career as a game developer. During this time, I worked a lot with grid data structures, for example for board games or to position objects in a room. The data structure is represented by two-dimensional arrays or "grids". After implementing a whole bunch of helper functions to manipulate these grids over and over again, I decided to put everything into an open source library called "gridl" and publish it on npm.

In addition to the library, there is also an accompanying documentation website, created with Gatsby and TailwindCSS. The documentation is automatically generated with TypeDoc from the internal JSDocs comments.

It was a fun little side project and my first (and only) self-made open source project, and some people actually use it, which is great! I didn't promote it in any way, and although the download numbers are low, I'm happy and it also got some stars on GitHub :)

Another thing to check off my bucket list:
✅ creating an open source project

tech stack

  • TypeScript

  • Jest

  • Rollup

  • Typedoc