Frontend development at fluege.de, a comparison portal for air travel

I had the chance to support the frontend team at Invia Flights to build the flight comparison and booking portal go.fluege.de. The website compares thousands of airlines quickly and reliably and offers users the flight connections that best suit their needs for the cheapest price.


  • Development and testing of web components
  • Implementing multi-page booking forms
  • Transforming the website from a mobile-only site to a fully responsive web application
  • Connecting the frontend to a complex microservice architecture
  • Implementing and improving asynchronous data flows within the app

Engineering details

The entire frontend was built on native Web Components and Lit to ensure long-term compatibility and minimize dependencies to other 3rd party libraries and frameworks. One of the biggest challenges of this project was to implement the very complex data model of flight and booking data, that came from various endpoints of a quite extensive microservice architecture. We achieved that with Redux as state management tool and Redux Saga to handle asynchronous data flows.

Tech stack

  • Web Components
  • Lit
  • Redux
  • Redux Saga
  • Microservices