Bloodyfingers typing game

Type or die! A frantic survival game that demands all your typing skills.

I started this game as a hobby project. It's a typing game where the player has to kill monsters by typing the words that appear below them. The idea was to create a game that would enhance some real-world skills - in this case, the ability to type quickly and accurately.

During the development I had to deal with 2d grid data structures quite a lot, so I decided to abstract all the grid-related code into an open source library I called „gridl“.

It was a really fun project where I had the chance to get really creative do a lot of art work, which was a welcome change to the usual programmer's everyday life. Unfortunately it is still work in progress, which is why I can present a demo version only.

Bloodyfingers in-game screen Bloodyfingers spring level Bloodyfingers winter level Bloodyfingers hell level

Tech stack

  • Phaser
  • React
  • Redux
  • Firebase
  • Codeship