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Hi, nice to see you here!

My name is Sascha Klatt and I’m a freelance software engineer from Leipzig, Germany. Web development has been my profession for about 10 years. Coming from a background as a full-stack web developer, I’ve specialized in the development of web applications with React, as well as data visualization with D3.

16 years of programming

Vocational Training @ Fortis Akademie, Chemnitz
Technical High School Diploma @ Fortis Akademie, Chemnitz
Community Service @ Mittweida City Council, Mittweida
Bachelor Multimedia Engineering @ HS Mittweida, Mittweida
Web Developer, Trainee @ Pluspol interactive GbR, Leipzig
Web Developer, Full-stack @ Pluspol interactive GbR, Leipzig
Software Engineer, Frontend @ XPURE GmbH, Leipzig
Freelance Software Engineer, Frontend @ Sascha Klatt - Digital Arts, Leipzig